Introducing to some and presenting to others a one of kind salon hair care system formulated with natural & biracial hair in mind. Synergi haircare products help you go from curly to straight or straight to curly while giving you moisture, softness, and manageability in between salon visits.

Synergi Reinforce Shampoo $1220180720_144607

Lightweight moisturizing formula; cleanses, prepares and protects hair for curly and thermal styling.

20180720_144442Synergi Reinforce Conditioner $14

Gentle conditioning cream helps with manageability and moisturizing, prepares and protects hair for curly and thermal styling.

Bloom Glazing Serum $18 (8oz)   $54 (32oz)

20180720_144518Provides a rich nourishment for the hair while combating frizz and enhances curl patterns, leaving natural  textures soft with a radiant shine. Not suggested for transitioning textures. Always use with Stay Glossing Mousse for curly styling.

20180720_144538Stay Glossing Mousse $16 (8oz)   $44 (32oz)

Guarantees perfectly smooth look, defines refresh and brighten curls, tames edges. You can use this product along with Bloom Glazing Serum to enhance smoothness

20180720_144621Flare Spray Oil $22

A non-oily and alcohol free spray. It gives you a beautiful, glossy finish to your hair. Great for daily use.

Synergi Trial Travel Kit $30

synergi travel kit 92918

Comes with  mini Synergi reinforce shampoo, conditioner, blooming glaze, mousse, and flare spray

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