PH Levels & Moisture

Why Does My Hair Seem To Hate Moisture? There are many regimens and products out there that assist with moisture but nevertheless, there are still people who struggle to keep moisture in their curls. In the years that I've spent as a cosmetologist, realizing a lot of new clients that come through the door struggle with keeping their … Continue reading PH Levels & Moisture

Why The Brittleness?

The Brittle And Weaks Nails Brittle nails also known as "Onychorrhexis" is common. Many people struggle with this issue, men and women alike. In fact. 20% of women tend to struggle with brittle nails more than men. Our nails are made up of proteins called keratin, which is the key structural component of our hair and nails. … Continue reading Why The Brittleness?

Dealing With Dry Scalp

Dandruff Today Gone Tomorrow   Why Is My Scalp Dry And Flaky? Understanding what causes these symptoms can assist in controlling and even eliminating the problem all together. So here are some helpful guidelines that may aide getting your scalp issues together. Within the journey of maintaining healthy hair, some of us are having issues with constant … Continue reading Dealing With Dry Scalp