Promoting Hair Growth While Wearing Extensions


Quality Hair & Products .VS. Cheap Hair & Products

With their being a wide variety of hair extensions in the market today most are concerned with getting quality hair without breaking the wallet.As a consumer you must understand that you get what you pay for, getting better quality will cost a bit more. The reason for this with cheap extensions you are not getting the best because most of the synthetic brands are made of inferior fibers that can cause irritation of the scalp or allergic reactions. It is composed of polymer, thin fine plastic fibers that is manufactured to look like hair. Quality hair is made of real human hair and is treated and manufactured to last longer than synthetic brands.

Quality hair has no shedding, can be curled and straightened, can be dyed or bleached, has more body and natural shine, it’s real hair so it will look and feel natural as well when worn, and most importantly its last a lot longer so you get your moneys worth. Example, you going to buy $40 to $50 pack of hair once a month you spend between $480 to $600 a year on just hair. Instead you can get quality hair for $180-$200 and reuse it the whole year or longer if given proper maintenance and this is the reason why finding the right hair brand is important when trying to save money overall. Always get natural or real extensions they are better on scalp and can be styled and curled easily without losing quality.

Now discussing products and the difference between quality and cheap can be the difference between the health of your hair & body. Mediocre products do more harm than good and they contain different bases of sulfate , silicone, water, and high alcohol levels that are not good on the hair, these harmful chemicals damage hair overtime. Additives like silicone shine the hair but make it duller overtime typically the first ingredient is water, which means the product is made up of mostly water and is not as concentrated so it won’t perform on hair as well as it should. Most low end products try to mimic hair salon products but they lack the same quality and aren’t as concentrated, they also go as far as to shrink the labels on product ingredients so you won’t read them . Paying less but using more product as well which means you need to replenish more often which means your spending more overtime.

Salon products have been approved by professionals who work in the salon and salon products are better for your hair ,which is why they cost a little more but last longer and give better results if used as directed.

Professional Installation

Getting a trained stylist is the best route to getting hair extensions because not knowing the proper techniques can cause breakage and damage to your real hair if not installed properly.

Washing Routine

Washing the hair once a week is typically the best way to give your hair the best conditions to retain moisture, keep its natural shine and promote healthy growing hair. The reason for this is that the hair can’t breathe when it’s has too much build up from products, natural oils from scalp, environmental build up, etc. If your scalp is very oily then washing once or twice a week and using tea tree oil or tea tree oil infused products is recommended. The hair follicle needs to be able to absorb moisture and nutrients from the hair product you are using. Furthermore, it promotes hair growth giving the hair a clean surface helps it to flourish faster, so remember clean hair is healthy hair. After removing extensions it is critical to make sure you use a cleansing shampoo which is specifically designed to strip the hair of oils, builds up and gunk that has been sitting on the head while wearing the extensions. Due to the fact that it strips the hair it also will make it dry, so use a good sulfate paraben free conditioning shampoo to put back the moisture followed by a good deep conditioning treatment and trimming of the ends if needed. Allow hair to breathe at least a week before installing extensions hair needs to be clean and be able to breathe for growth and proper health.

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