PH Levels & Moisture

Why Does My Hair Seem To Hate Moisture?

There are many regimens and products out there that assist with moisture but nevertheless, there are still people who struggle to keep moisture in their curls. In the years that I’ve spent as a cosmetologist, realizing a lot of new clients that come through the door struggle with keeping their natural culrs from looking dry. Natural and relaxed hair both need moisture, natural hair is more difficult to retain moisture due to the fact that the curl pattern makes it hard for moisture to reach from scalp to ends of the hair shaft.

There are some do’s and dont’s to naturally curly hair that may be the cause of your curls looking luxurious and popping or frizzy and dry. But most don’t think of PH levels and how they can affect your hairs moisture as well.

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How can PH Levels Affect Moisture

The natural acidity in your hair prevents fungi and bacteria in your hair & scalp, keeping cuticle sealed and healthy. Human hair and scalp oil have PH level of between 4.5 and 5.0 and 7 is considered netural anything between 7.1 and 14 is alkaline. PH stands for “Power of Hydrogen”  or the concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance. A substance with high acidity contracts the cuticle and has a low PH level and this should be taken into consideration when using certain hair products.

Hydrogen amounts in a a solution determines if its acidic or alkaline. Harsher shampoos have a higher PH you should consider a shampoo that has a PH between 5 and 7. The cuticle layers contracts and tightens when PH is below 6.0, to add shine to the hair use a mild acidic conditioner (low PH under 7) which creates a smooth surface that reflects more light off the hair strands.

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How Do I find My PH Level?

The local drugstores or hairstores have Ph test kits that assist with determing your PH level in your hair. Testing your PH levels throughout the day or periodically can help with tracking levels, best time to test is early morning when body is more acidic, the goal is get your morning urine PH between 6.5 and 7.5. or just start checking product labels better before you purchase, some products will clearly say PH balanced which are normally safer and healthier for the hair.  To help seal in moisture better try to avoid using finishing products that are heavy on the hair use light shine sprays and oils.

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