Thinning Hair Everywhere

Thinning Hair Everywhere

The causes of thinning hair and at home tips that can assist

About 30 million women and 50 million men suffer from hair loss as a result of genetic make-up, wether it’s a significant amount or just some here and there, many people are trying to find solutions to their thining hair dilemma and there are a range of factors that can affect your hair growth. 

Your Natural Hair Cycle

Naturally our hair goes through cycles and in these stages our hair rest, grows or sheds. One stage is called Anagen which is the growing period for your hair usually lasts about 1,000 days or more and constitutes about 90% of hair growth. Catagen is the intermediate stage where the hair follicle is preparing for the resting phase can last about 1 to 2 weeks, deeper portions of the hair follicle start to collaspe this is about 10% of hair growth cycle. Lastly, the telogen stage is the resting & shedding period and’ lasts about 3 to 4 months at the end of this phase older hair will fall out and make new hair. 

Hair follicles live in a cycle of growing stage followed by short periods of rest. In resting phase hair is still attached to follicle but not growing.    

Causes Of hair Loss

Most concerns of hair loss are due to genetics which can throw off hormones & age plays a part as well. Health issues such as diabetes, thyroid problems and certain medications can aid in hair thinning ask your physician or check the side effects on the medicine you are taking. Your diet can have a huge effect in your hair as well so make sure that your eating right and exercising. Wearing weaves and protective styles are great for natural divas but can cause breakage and thinning if not taking breaks in between services to maintain real hair underneath, also wearing ponytails excessively can cause breakage on edges due to constant tension and stress on hair. Sleeping  without a satin pillow or satin head cap or scarf creates breakage due to the rough fabrics from sheets and pillows (if not satin) pulingl out pieces of hair during your beauty rest. 

How Can I Help My Thinning Hair

First, lets look at your diet you need to be eating the right nutrients in order to take care of yourself from inside and out. What you eat can also help or hurt not only your body but your hair as well, most don’t think about how diet plays a major part in healthy hair. Eggs and spinach are good for protein, getting plenty of vitamins a & c, whole grains help with biotin and omega 3 fatty acids are just some of the foods you should be including in your diet to help with hair thinning issues. Tea tree oil is good for thinning hair and dandruff as well and try to stay from chemicals and heat.  Of course some issues you may need to discuss with a hair loss professional to come up with a treatment plan that fits your conditions.

Tips For Styling Thin Hair

Switch Your Part

Something as simple as changing the direction of how you part your hair can create an illusion of thicker hair.

Use Less Heat & Chemicals

Excessive heat and chemical treatments can weaken and damage hair even more causing more breakage. When using chemicals in hair be sure to keep hair moisturized and clean frequently.

Brush With Care

Since thinning hair is weak and fragile take caution when brushing and excessive brushing depending on how significant hair loss has become may not be best. Try finding styles that dosen’t require excessive brushing.

Get Volumizing Cut

Seek a professional stylist who can assist in finding a style that will create volume.

Keep Ends Trimmed

Keeping ends trim helps get rid of the old hair follicles that are in the Telogen stage, which will cause breakage if not handled properly.

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  1. Maria Vincent says:

    Wow! Thanks for the nice and informative blog. I thoroughly enjoyed while reading. Got some easy and nice tips for thin hair. I believe these tips will mean a lot for the few people like me who are in trouble.


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