Why The Brittleness?

The Brittle And Weaks Nails

Brittle nails also known as “Onychorrhexis” is common. Many people struggle with this issue, men and women alike. In fact. 20% of women tend to struggle with brittle nails more than men. Our nails are made up of proteins called keratin, which is the key structural component of our hair and nails. Your nails can be a way to reveal your inner health as well, such as yellowing of the nails which can be due to age or smoking while white spots are usually from some sort of trauma to the nail and all usually grow out on it’s own.

Diseases such as hyperthyroidism, lung conditions, eczema, anemia, and fungal infections can cause weak and brittle nails that break often.


What Causes Brittle Nails???

Aging is a factor that aides in brittle nails as well as constant contact in water, especially cold water. Lack of moisture, iron-deficiency, sun burn, wind burn, prolonged exposure to cold or dry weather will make nails dry and weak.

Artificial nails are great and look beautiful but can be harsh on nails due to the lack of oxygen nails get when the are worn. To assist with keeping nails clean and healthy try taking breaks in between services. Taking about a 1 to 2 month break every 5 to 6 months is a good way to start and help let those nails breathe and get back stronger before another application..

(Hint: Try using warm to hot water when washing hands to help retain moisture and follow up with a natural hand cream.

Conventional Treatment

Moisturize more frequently using natural hand creams, especially if washing hands regularly. Wearing gloves when hands will be exposed to water for long periods of time and staying hydrated is of upmost importance as well. Using organic coconut oil can help treat brittle weak nails by warming a little bit in a bowl and soaking nails for about 5 minutes 2 to 3 times a day or at night right before bed if possible. Another option is Apple cider vinegar, mix equal parts of water and cider in bowl and soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Immediately after brush cuticles , do this once daily and in a few days nail should get stronger. Furthermore, try rubbing broccoli seed oil on cuticle and nails. Vitamin e, biotin, Horsetail, and tea tree oil are great options as well.

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