Dealing With Dry Scalp

Dandruff Today Gone Tomorrow


Why Is My Scalp Dry And Flaky?

Understanding what causes these symptoms can assist in controlling and even eliminating the problem all together. So here are some helpful guidelines that may aide getting your scalp issues together. Within the journey of maintaining healthy hair, some of us are having issues with constant dryness leading to itchy, red, flaky scalp. The reason for this is a microbe called malassezia Globosa, which everyone has but only causes dandruff to 50% of people. This microbe feeds on natural scalp oils which is called sebum and helps keep scalp moisturized.

When the sebum (oil) breaks down it makes a by product called oleic acid, your body signals to the brain to shed skin faster causing dandruff to appear. People who are sensitive to this acid scalps will become red and aggravated.


Did You Know ???

When  microbes, natural oils, & sensitive scalp  come together on the scalp  it causes dandruff. Often starts during puberty , changes in hormones such as old age or stress can cause dandruff as well.


Weather Changes & Dry Scalp

Some factors such as external irritants, damage from heat styling, and pollutants can cause certain affects to hair and scalp. Summer months are hot and humid , however this doesn’t cause dandruff, dandruff is a year long problem from those who suffer from it. In the summer , itchy scalp can be more frequent for others due to the fact that the scalp is more in contact with external factors which can upset dandruff even more. Winter months are cold and dry, making the scalp even more flaky and can cause people who suffer from dandruff issues to have even more of a build up on the scalp, which makes it become more disturbed.

How To Treat Dry Scalp

Lastly, staying hydrated is a major key to a well moisturized scalp. Using a sulfate free shampoos and less hair products, while avoiding use of heavy styling creams. Keeping hair clean by washing at least once a week helps with getting rid of build up, allows hair to breathe and for better absorption of any styling products you may use at the end of styling routine.

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