Healthy Girl, Healthy Curls


Healthy Girls, Healthy Curls
Moisturizing your curls through products & lifestyle

Once again it’s time to address our natural hair dilemmas as curly divas. With the diversity of natural styling it is important that we don’t cause over damaging with hair with products, heat, tension etc. Knowing the challenges of keeping your curls fabulously defined & moisturized can seem daunting and somewhat a blurr for many women who are trying to transition or for women who have been on their natural hair journey for a while. With the features of natural hair being it kinky, coiled, wavy, or coarse many seem to think it is stronger but actually, it is weaker than other hair types. So this means the tighter & drier the hair the more you need to treat with care .


Natural Hair & Moisture


Our curls organically defy moisture, this is because natural hair doesn’t produce enough sebum (oils) from the scalp for moisture to reach from root to ends like those with straight hair. Oil has to travel through all the coils & curls which makes it harder to moisturize from root to ends. This can be combated by washing hair more frequently using a paraben, sulfate free shampoo and a good conditioner followed by a moisturizing oil or cream. Though they are powerful, oils & grease do not keep moisture they mainly act as sealants, used to prevent moisture from escaping after you’ve added moisture. When hair is clean, moisturizing and styling products you use will be more effective as well. However, styling products are not for moisturizing they are designed to give your curls definition and hold, not moisture. Pay attention to ends, if they are fragile & dry after sealing with butter you can twirl, twist them away or tuck them into Bantu knots. In addition, what you use on your hair is just as important as how often you wash and trim. Moisturized hair has less of a chance to break, is softer, easy to manage, and retains length better. 

Be careful not to over moisturize, as this will cause hair to become limp. Some tips for moisture are:

  • Spraying your favorite moisturizing mist or misting your hair with water before bed and cover with a satin or silk covering, can give your curls some necessary humidity for in the morning.


  • Following up with your local salon for deep conditioning treatments


  • Hair mask treatments are a great way to make sure you get moisture under hair cuticles to reach hair shaft properly. 


Healthy Girl, Healthy Curls
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What we apply in our hair & body is critical; having healthful lifestyles can also reinforce healthy nails, skin, and hair. Maintaining and drinking plenty of water to preserve health and retain more moisture in hair. Drinking plenty of water and healthy diet means hair is healthy from inside out making it prone to less breakage. Some foods that can help with itchy scalp and breakage are dairy products are:

  • milk, cheeses, eggs, which contain plenty of protein and also a great source of biotin (which is essential for healthy hair)


  • Vitamins and minerals also can support like amino acids, biotin, zinc, organic sulfur (MSM), copper, inositol, and choline


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