Natural Hair Myths Busted

Natural Hair & The Myth’s

Once and for all it’s time to break down the barriers for natural hair divas. From slapping heavy creams and grease products in our hair to assist with holding in moisture to spending hundreds of dollars on hair products that never seem to work as good as we would like. Being a naturalista these last six years  I’ve  learned  that each beautiful curly haired queen is unique. I’m here to give some peace of mind to those who are wondering whats really up with our natural curls & to destroy some myths that many have been convinced as that’s just how it is with our curls.


Shampooing & Co-washing

A lot of my clients asks me how often should they wash & is co-washing really healthy for our natural curls. Well first off we know everything in nature works better when clean, so why wouldn’t your hair? Most naturalista think that washing often means less moisture, which this is not the case. Your hair holds lots of build up from day to day product use, debris from the atmosphere and your own personal body sweat and natural oils. This can cause hair to feel dirty and dry. In most cases, especially ones with busier lifestyles, we tend to just add more moisture products convinced that will fix it. Usually, it is only a quick fix just to see our curls right back dry again. Using moisture products are great especially once you found ones that work for your hair type. But use these only after washing and conditioning the hair with a sulfate free & paraben free shampoo. The shampoo helps remove build up that’s preventing moisture from penetrating the hair shaft & cuticle. Once completed the cuticle will be ready to absorb the product easier and will seal in better resulting in moisture lasting longer. So shampooing often helps with healthy curls, if you aren’t washing frequently now, you should start . If you’re washing once a month, start washing every 2 weeks, and if you are washing  twice a month jump up to once a week , and so on until your washing about every 2 to 3 days if possible especially if you work out. Bumping up your shampooing routine and using the right moisture products you will see a change in your beautiful curls and they will become easier to manage.

Co -Washing

By reading the first two sections i’m sure you know the answer to this one. We said product and other build up is one of the problems that’s keeping you from getting healthy moisturized hair , then I would suggets you to stop  co-washing if you are. Co -washing is just adding product on top of product which is smothering your hair cuticle and shaft and why your moisture isn’t it’s best.

Does Greasing The Hair Often Make It Grow???

While oils and moisturizers are good for the hair they are not the same thing. Overuse on these types of products can create a barrier over the hair that can repel moisture.They suffocate the scalp when overused so  minerals and oils are just  sitting on top of the head when you use them. This  is why when your  just throwing  a moisturizer or oil on hair that already has build up it doesn’t last long and can make hair feel weighed down. Using  these products after shampooing is best to get the full effect on hair and helps seal in moisture better.

Braids Are The Best Protective Style

Without proper care braids won’t do much in protecting the hair. When wearing braids or extensions don’t wear to long. Usually, depending on your extension style you should take them out every 4 to 8 weeks, even sooner if you sweat a lot . Even washing hair with extensions in isn’t getting all the build up and debris that your scalp and hair needs to get rid of in order to breathe and be healthy. Hair styles need moisture and care in between services, let hair breathe at least 4 days to a week before getting more extensions put in. If you are a person who frequently wears extensions just be aware in taking longer breaks from time to time in between services. Make sure to make an appointment to get your ends trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks as well and get a good conditioner treatment in between services this can help hair grow faster while in extension styles.



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